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Case Study

Enhancing Social Media Excellence:
Transforming a Leading Online
Boutique Fashion Retail Brand

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Increase brand visibility and recognition for a leading online boutique in the fashion retail industry

Drive website traffic and generate leads for online sales.

Enhance engagement and interaction with the target audience.

Establish leading online boutique as a trendy and fashion-forward brand.

Measure and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the success of the social media strategy.


OH Marketing Group developed a targeted social media strategy for a leading online boutique based on extensive audience research. They focused on Instagram and TikTok, creating engaging content aligned with the brand’s identity. Collaborating with fashion influencers, sponsored content showcased the leading online boutique’s products, expanding their reach and driving engagement.

Precise ad targeting and well-crafted creatives were used to drive traffic to the website. Active community management, contests, and user-generated content fostered brand loyalty. Continuous monitoring of metrics allowed for data-driven optimizations, resulting in a successful social media campaign.


Increase Brand

Through their impactful social media campaigns, the leading online boutique achieved an impressive 25% increase in brand awareness. Notably, their follower count on Instagram and TikTok experienced substantial growth, contributing to a wider brand visibility among their target audience.

Website Traffic and Lead

As a direct outcome of the implemented social media strategy, the prominent online boutique witnessed a significant 45% surge in website traffic generated from social media sources. This increase was accompanied by a notable rise in click-through rates from various social media channels, resulting in a valuable influx of qualified leads and substantial growth in online sales.

Enhanced Engagement

The social media accounts of the prominent online boutique experienced a remarkable 48% surge in user engagement. This substantial increase in likes, comments, shares, and video views reflects a heightened level of audience interaction and a significant boost in brand interest.

At a Glance



  • Standing Out in a Saturated Market
  • Driving Website Traffic and Generating Leads
  • Fostering Meaningful Engagement
  • Establishing a Trendy and Fashion-Forward Image
  • Measuring and Assessing Social Media Success


  • 25% increase in brand awareness
  • 45% increase in Social Media generated website traffic
  • 48% increase in social media engagement