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Fractional Marketing Support

Fractional CMOs and Directors are ideal for small to mid-sized companies that need the expertise of a senior marketing executive but can’t justify the cost of a full-time hire. With fractional support, you get the benefit of an experienced marketing professional without the long-term commitment.

  • Experienced: All of our Fractional Marketing Directors have over 10 years of experience in the marketing field.
  • Contract-based: Our Fractional Marketing Directors are hired on a contractual basis, typically for 15-20 hours per week.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring a Fractional Marketing Director is a cost-effective way to get the senior marketing leadership you need.

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Marketing Support Team

Are you a start-up, small or mid-sized business trying to grow your marketing efforts? Do
you need experienced marketing help but cannot justify the cost of a full-time headcount?

OH Marketing provides a virtual marketing department – providing the day-to-day expertise
you need without the overhead costs. OH Marketing can be your virtual marketing team.

We offer flexible options to suit your needs:

  • Dedicated Consultant
  • Free Kick-Off Meeting
  • Strategy Meetings – monthly, quarterly or bi-annually



Marketing Team Workshops

1 Day Content Marketing Workshop

We will help educate your staff on principals, come up with a strategy for your company on what topics to cover, and a path to implement it.

2 Day Targeted Campaign Planning Workshop

We will help walk you through the process of identifying the market you’re targeting and the guidance you’ll need to build an in-depth campaign that works for you

Marketing Training Sessions

Communication & Brand Health

This training is designed to help marketers understand planning and evaluating marketing communications strategies and executions. After completing this training you will be equipped with the knowledge to ensure that you make the correct decision when it comes to communications and the placement of advertising and digital marketing.

General Marketing Strategy & Organization

Do you know that marketing is important to your company, product, or service, but aren’t sure where to start? This training is designed to help marketers learn how to correctly segment, target, and position their products to achieve success.

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