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Are you looking to enhance your brand’s online presence? Want to create impactful content but not sure where to start?

Dive into the world of social media with confidence, backed by our comprehensive toolkit tailored for businesses just like yours!

Features of the Social Media Toolkit

What You Get

Run your social media marketing like a pro!

This social media management framework is a must for a successful and cost-effective social presence. It will help you do the following.

  • Plan Out Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Social Media Posts
  • Organize Posts on Every Social Media Platform in One Convenient Place
  • Draft, Edit, and Proof Post Copy via Comments and Request Approval before Scheduling
  • Recognize Over 100 Monthly Themes, Daily Holidays, National Observances, and Trending Events
  • Plan Cross Promotion on Your Business Website Blog, Email Marketing Campaigns, and More
  • Introduce SEO Keywords to Your Social Media Posts
  • Brainstorm and Use Hashtags and Branded Hashtags Strategically
  • Organize and Identify Your Target Audiences so Your Posts Speak to Them
  • Keep Your Posts Fresh and Diverse with the Help of Content Strategy Buckets

Why Choose Our Toolkit?


Built by marketing experts with years of experience in the industry.


Suitable for both beginners and seasoned social media managers.

Regular Updates

As the digital world evolves, so does our toolkit. Stay ahead of the curve with regular updates and additions.


High-quality resources without a heavy price tag. Plus, flexible payment options to suit all businesses.

Considering Crafting Your Own Social Media Spreadsheet?

Certainly, as a diligent business proprietor, you have the knack to learn quickly! However, we believe you approached us due to tight schedules and the daunting distance to your desired social media objectives. Let us bridge that gap for you.

The pitfalls of a disorganized approach to social media are something we’ve witnessed. The repercussions include disjointed team interactions, unforeseen hold-ups, and missed chances to connect meaningfully with your audience. Overlooking potential content that could’ve escalated leads? It’s heart-wrenching for us!

The Silver Lining?

We’ve observed numerous clients dramatically revamp their social media game through our meticulous content strategy insights and this structured spreadsheet. Believe in our expertise. This will soon be your go-to tool for social media planning and project streamlining.


What Our Client’s Say About Our Toolkits

The OH Marketing Group toolkit was a game-changer for my small business. I’ve seen a 70% increase in engagement in just two months!


Boutique Owner

With this toolkit, I feel like a social media pro. It’s comprehensive, easy to use, and incredibly effective.


Start Up Founder

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