3 Actionable Email Marketing Tips for 2023

Email marketing is complex. From measurement to copywriting to list building, there’s always something new to learn. However, for many business owners and marketers with limited time, it can be challenging to keep up.

Here, our online marketing consulting services provider covers 3 actionable email marketing tips for 2023 to help boost your business:


1. Have people resubscribe when sending a new campaign

There’s a reason why people subscribe to your mailing list. If, for example, you’re sending a drip campaign, asking people to subscribe makes a lot of sense. There’s no point in sending it to all of your contacts.

If you send it to everyone, many people may unsubscribe or block you out of sheer frustration. In addition, a clean list will ensure you’re not filtered out. Having a number of inactive, unengaged recipients can lead to deliverability issues.


2. Allow subscribers to decide what they want to receive

While companies do a lot to make sure marketing emails get delivered to the relevant inboxes, keeping their subscribers happy is the most important factor they should focus on.

Using a preference center is one way to do this: a simple control panel that allows subscribers to opt in or out of various email types and topics. Offering an option for email frequency is also good, such as biweekly, weekly, and even daily.

Send a preference center email to new subscribers so they can opt in or out of whatever they want.

You should also ensure your preference center is accessible to your subscribers on an ongoing basis, which will maximize your preference center’s value.

Sending automated emails is one way to do this, especially to those who didn’t open a few emails in a row or have opened and gone back without reading.

For instance, you may set up a decision tree where if a subscriber hasn’t opened four emails in a row, they’ll see a message like: ‘Getting too many emails? Change your preferences now!’


3. Deliver valuable and interesting content

Providing content people actually want to read is honestly the best approach to enhance and maintain high email deliverability.

Just send emails when you have something useful to send. If you send emails just for the sake of it, your subscribers will soon stop opening them. And when only a handful of people open your emails, your spam rating increases. So, even if your email has value, they won’t get through.

laptop computer
laptop computer

Here’s a simple strategy to keep in mind: only send when you have something of value to say. Otherwise, avoid it.


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