Top Web Design Trends for 2023 Every Business Needs to Know

According to a survey by Adobe, 38 percent of users leave a poorly designed website. That is why, as a business hoping to generate new leads, to retain old customers, and increase brand awareness through SEO efforts, you need to first invest in trending web design elements.

After all, your marketing efforts need a seamless, high-quality website to work on.

Here are a few top web design trends we’re looking forward to in 2023.


Going Minimalist

Minimalism is growing in web design. People prefer the “less is more” look and the simplicity it comes with. Not to mention, minimalistic websites are faster to load as well. It doesn’t mean they’re boring or plain; they are just very well-planned, clever, and aesthetic. With basic shapes, quality typography, and subtle designs, minimalist websites are a calming sight.


3D Elements

The future is immersive. 3D technology has overtaken mobile phones, gaming, and what not; now it’s time to bring it to web design. If you think your business webpage lacks something, hire qualified web design services from OH Marketing Group and ask them to infuse your website with 3D elements. It’ll create a compelling, eye-catching, and engaging platform for your users.


White Space

Web pages with white space give the reader’s eyes some rest from bright visual stimuli. It enables clear communication and allows the users to take in the business’s message and what it offers without distraction. Designers should look forward to utilizing this space to improve the user’s perception of the website by using the right fonts and spaces between the text and images.


Color Theory Implementation

According to psychology, colors impact our moods and feelings. In web design, you need to use color theory to gauge which color pattern resonates with your business identity. You can opt for cool, fresh, and neutral shades to create an appealing look for your users.


Scrapbook Style

Bright colors, interactive images, funky fonts, it’s all in! 2023 is all about embracing different styles of web design. If you want something bolder for your site, scrapbook-style web design is an excellent choice for hip businesses who wish for something artsy and unique. This trend embraces the era of physical design and technology with doodle drawings, collages, handwritten fonts, and an old-school magazine vibe.


Dark Mode

Social media sites have embraced the dark mode, and so should you. The black background gives readers a break from the brightness and helps relax their eyes. However, don’t decide for your users; give them a choice to switch between dark and light mode.


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